Our Philosophy

Vietnam is in a state of transition. We are a people in the midst of embracing all that the modern world can offer and yet traditional beliefs and values are enshrined into our everyday lives. Striking a balance is always tricky, but we are very much aware that asserting our place in today’s world can only be as important as remembering, respecting, and valuing our past.
Home is our rendition of this state. Our Vietnamese food is at once traditional drawing upon recipes that have passed down generations featuring in family kitchens and street side eateries for decades. But to thrive and progress, things must also change and adapt. We’ve also developed an entirely unique fusion selection with dishes that won’t be found on any other menu of any Vietnamese restaurants throughout the country.
Through our Vietnamese food menu we demonstrate our respect for the past and also our ambitions for the future. And through our Vietnamese-restaurant design we remind our guests and ourselves that our culture today is the product of thousands of years of influence and resilience. Strikingly contemporary with significant elements from throughout our history, to wander through Home is a window to Vietnam and her people.